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The L1A1, also commonly referred to as the SLR is the British version of the FN FAL which also saw extensive service with other Commonwealth countries. They are commonly referred to as “inch pattern” rifles due to the rifle being designed and tooled to imperial measurements, but they also feature a number of design changes and improvements.


  • Type: Canon IPF6400 12 color artistic printer
  • Resolution: 2400×1200 dpi
  • Ink: Canon LUCIA EX
  • Color durability: ca. 75 years


  • Type: Tepede High Color Contrast Paper
  • Size: A1 591x841mm
  • Surface: matte finish
  • Weight: 180 gr/m2
  • Durability: indoors up to 20 year


  • Light brown, waterproof, spiral-shaped cardboard roller with plastic cover