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Terms and conditions

Booking & Pricing

By booking, all participants confirm acknowledgement of our terms & conditions listed in this section. When you book for other people, you must ensure they are also aware of these conditions. To make a booking, please send us the following details as per our booking form: number of participants, selected package(s), time & date of the event and contact details of the person making the booking (email, phone number). All bookings are considered preliminary until confirmed by us in writing via email.

A deposit of HUF 6,000 (~EUR 20) per person (refundable until 72 hours prior to the commencement of the program) is payable at the time of booking, online, via debit or credit card. No charges are made until your booking is finalized and confirmed, but confirmation of booking is not possible without this deposit. The remaining amount must be paid upon arrival, in the amount & currency specified in your booking confirmation email. We accept both VISA & MasterCard. Card payments are deducted in HUF at the prevailing daily exchange rate vs. the EUR.

Prices are non-negotiable, valid per person and per package, include 27% Hungarian VAT and cover all costs related to the selected shooting package(s), including but not limited to: safety gear, range and equipment rental, mandatory introductory training to firearms safety, firearms rental, ammunition, targets and supervision by qualified range officers.

We guarantee that your price does not change after our written confirmation via email. No hidden costs!

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Surprise your friends or family with the experience of a lifetime by purchasing one of our fully prepaid vouchers available for any of our packages. All you need to do is send us an email to reservation@reloadshooting.com with the relevant details of your request (including name of recipient and No./type of packages purchased). Vouchers must be paid in advance via bank transfer in HUF or EUR, will be sent via email in a common printable format upon receipt of funds, are non-refundable and valid within a one-year period from the date of issue.

Age limitations

Shooters must be 14 or older and present a valid photo ID (passport, personal ID,driving license).

Participants below 18 must possess a valid Hungarian competition license at the time of the live fire exercise. With regards to the timing & pricing of the event please consider that the license takes 4 working days to obtain and costs EUR 25. In order to acquire this license, we need the following data regarding any given individual in question: name (as in passport), date & place of birth, mother’s maiden name, address of permanent residence and a passport-sized photo in a common digital format (preferably jpg). At least one parent or legal guardian is also required to be present at the start of the live fire exercise and personally authorize participation in the program.

Individual requests

?(related to modification of shooting packages)

Booking Modification & Cancellation Policy

Reservations can be freely modified or cancelled in writing (via email to reservations@reloadshooting.com) until 72 hours prior to the commencement of the confirmed live fire exercise. Similarly to the original booking, modifications in reservation are not valid until confirmed by us, again in writing (email).

Modifications can include changes in the number of participants, date & time of the event(s) or the selection of shooting package(s).

Modifications initiated within the 72 hour time limit prior to the commencement of the confirmed program may not be feasible and we reserve the right to proceed with the original program in such cases. In case of cancellation within the 72 hour time limit or failure to show up the deposit cannot be refunded and will be retained as a cancellation fee.

Please understand that failure to show up more than 15 minutes late will result in the event being cancelled and the deposit being retained as a cancellation fee.


All our guests must sign our Membership Registration Form prior to participation in live fire shooting exercises. In addition to being a preliminary legal requirement, the form also contains important safety information.